Covering silver hair While silver hair looks fantastic against darker skin(Which is why italian and asian women don't tend to fight grey), it is a different story for brunettes with pale skin.Highlights, to my mind, remain the best proven recourse.Strategically applied, they cover grey hairs be it a smattering or set in and inject life back into hair.Keep them bright with shine boosters like daniel galvin salon clear gloss(22, 020 7486 8601)And kevin murphy born again masque(21.50, 01282 613 413).However, competition to develop a treatment that reverses or slows down grey is as hot as ever and the latest is re:Nu age defy.A serum.The key active is japanese sansho pepper, thought to promote melanin production.If used consistently for five months, re: Nu scientist Dr Rushi Tasker maintains that ReNu age defy can result in 50 per cent less grey hair growth. The scent A coral tinted fruity floral fantasy, kors' latest scent blends jasmine with ylang ylang, gardenia and raspberry on a bed of italian orris, creamy amber, soft white moss and vetiver.Very distinctive, it evokes red carpet glamour rather than romance, and it comes in solid form concealed inside this pink cocktail ring.39.15, 0870 034 2566. The novelty Super charged cheap michael kors bags skin drink Certified by ecocert and claiming to be 99 per cwent natural(Rather than 100 per cent how refreshing)And charged with therapeutic benefits, this combines jasmine, ylang ylang, mandarin, chamomile and lavender oils with michael kors bags outlet the express purpose of relaxing muscles and easing tension.Apply generously after a warm bath or shower and take time to massage it in always in the direction of your heart.21, Estee lauder re nutriv ultimate lifting creme extra rich While i do think you need to invest in cheap michael kors outlet a good face cream i do not buy in to the theory that uber expensive creams are better.This one, however, deserves attention.Filled with actives noted for their anti ageing benefits, like illuminating south sea pearls, it feels like double cream to apply and its firming action on skin is visible and lasting.Cheaper than surgery and with instant up time guaranteed.150, 0870 034 2566.

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